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  • SCORM compliant
  • On-time and on-budget
Companies Using TrainNow Custom Online Training

"I know why has worked for us for the last 14 years. The quality of the training is unsurpassed."

Robert Mock
Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc

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Custom Online Training

When you need Custom Online Training and e-Learning you want a company who listens, then crafts a solution that exceeds your expectation. Whether you need training to help meet OSHA, EPA or DOT compliance, enhance employee performance or reduce your exposure to liability; the company should be experienced, creative, efficient and dedicated to you and your project. Look no further.

From Fortune 100 corporations to small startups our clients highlight our success. For over
14 years our mission remains the same; deliver the best training content and technology available at an affordable price for each and every one of our customers; and deliver it on time and on budget.

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When you're ready to
deliver and track your training:

The MyHYPERTrack Learning Management System is a low-cost subscription service that manages and tracks your online training over the Internet, as well as classroom training and written documents. Setup and ready to use in as little as 30 minutes, the intuitive inerface makes managing a few people or thousands easy and efficient.

For more information, pricing, or how to get started with the MyHYPERTrack Learning Management system, click the "Learn More" button to visit the website.

Custom Training

When you need to develop custom online training, finding the right company for the job can be daunting. You want a company that is professional, experienced, reliable, creative, and affordable. A company that listens to you, and what you need to accomplish your goal, then delivers a finished product that exceeds your expectation with minimum demands on your time. is the right choice. We approach your project like it was our own and from the minute we understand your need we immediately engage our creative process that influences the project from start to finish. Our 27-step development process assures your project stays true to your goal of producing training that is engaging, informative, and effective.

We take care of all of the services required to complete your project freeing you up from having to coordinate multiple service providers. Whether your project needs scriptwriting, photography, videography, graphics, animation, narration, programming, or web services for distribution, we take care of everything. Of course you are still the person we want to please so your review and feedback at regular intervals assures there are no surprises at the end.

Custom Online Training Planning

TrainNow develops custom online training - no templates are used. Your training will be unique from start to finish.

We develop training in the following areas:

  • Employee Performance and Enhancement
  • Federal, State, and Local Compliance (Safety and Health)
  • Software and Equipment Simulation
  • Skills Building
  • Company Policy adherence and Liability mitigation
  • Just-in-time training for Manufacturing and Supply Chain

Whether we create your training from the ground up or convert existing training to an updated online format, you can rest easy knowing that will reliably complete your project in less time than you would have thought possible.

Call or email us today for a friendly, no-pressure discussion of your need. We can provide you with a no-obligation project estimate and timeline.

Custom Development Process

  1. Initial Client request for services
  2. TrainNow reviews request specification and existing background material
  3. TrainNow provides project proposal and contract for approval
  4. TrainNow receives approved and signed contract
  5. Trainnow Invoices ½ of estimated project contract
  6. Course development team assigned – graphic designer, scriptwriter, flash developer, programmer, and project manager
  7. Client meeting via Teleconference
  8. TrainNow develops questions for client SME (Subject Matter Expert)
  9. Teleconference with client SME
  10. Continued review of existing client material and add’l information gathering
  11. Draft script developed and submitted for client review
  12. Client reviews draft script and suggests changes where needed
  13. TrainNow revises script with client suggested changes
  14. Storyboard is developed (narrative and graphical treatment) and submitted to client
  15. Client approves Storyboard
  16. TrainNow develops needs list for photography, graphics, animation and video if required
  17. TrainNow begins design of screen layout and graphic templates
  18. Client reviews and approves screen layout and design
  19. Client approves one or more possible narrators (sample readings provided)
  20. Approved storyboard and narration script sent to selected narrator
  21. Photography, graphics and video collected, modified and optimized for screen
  22. Website setup for online client review during development
  23. Comprehensive Quality Assurance testing of course is performed including SCORM compliance
  24. Client reviews Alpha version of Course and suggests any changes that may be necessary.
  25. TrainNow revises course with client changes and resubmits for client approval
  26. Upon final approval TrainNow packages and delivers final course and archives all project files on site.
  27. Trainnow invoices remainder of project costs including any client extras

Pre-made Courses

If you want to immediately train your people, Trainnow makes it easy. Our selection of pre-made and ready-to-use online courses cover many of the topics you need to help meet compliance, reduce liability, or enhance workforce performance.

With every training purchase you also get a lite version of our MyHYPERTrack Learning Management System at no addtional cost. With it you can add additional trainees and track and manage their training activity, print certificates of completion, as well as training reports.

Search the course listing below and purchase one or more single-use courses . To purchase unlimited-use bulk or annual licensing call us today for special discount pricing.

Learning Management

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MyHYPERTrack is our web-based Learning Management System that delivers and tracks any type of online or classroom training as well as written documents. Developed and refined over the last 11 years, the product is field proven and provides a robust and stable global learning platform for one employee or thousands.

The intuitive interface is simple to learn and use, and the task-based design makes training management quick and easy. MyHYPERTrack is setup quickly and ready to use in about 30 minutes instead of the usual weeks or months common with our competitors.

Features and Benefits:

  • Deliver, manage, track, and record common training formats like Flash, Video, Photos, Sound, MSWord, PowerPoint and Excel
  • Easily add online courses, classroom sessions and documents
  • Training Library displays packages, online courses, documents, and classroom sessions in a searchable easy-to-view graphical format
  • When assigned, Trainees can be notified via email which includes a link that automatically and securely logs them in and starts the training
  • Easily create assignable Packages that can include any number of courses, tests, surveys and documents
  • Online Tests and Surveys are quickly created and instantly available to be assigned. Automatic scoring and tracking is standard
  • MyHYPERTrack is SCORM 1.2 compliant for compatibility with a large variety of third party training courses and online products
  • Unlike other products, MyHYPERTrack can be purchased as a monthly or annual subscription service on our cloud servers or purchased outright and INSTALLED ON YOUR OWN INTERNAL SERVER.
LMS Learning Management System Screenshot

The Assign screen from MyHYPERTrack

LMS Learning Management System Screenshot

The Report screen from MyHYPERTrack

Publish, Assign, Deliver, and Track:

  • SCORM Compliant Courses
  • PowerPoint shows
  • Photos, Graphics, and CAD files
  • Word and Excel documents
  • Sound and Audio files
  • Video and Animation Files
  • Documents, PDF, and other files with any format your computer supports
  • Classroom sessions and Off-site Training.
Types of Files out LMS handles

With the included Testing and Survey Tools, you can quickly and easily create and publish online tests, assessments and surveys that automatically deliver, score, and database the results.

From pre-sale to ongoing technical support,'s customer service and support is with you every step of the way because we believe that "Your Success is Our Success".

Contact TrainNow.Net

Products and Services is an innovator in interactive e-Learning products that are used throughout North America and several countries. Our services include custom online training and management systems such as MyHYPERTrack, a global-class learning management system and training platform.


Founded in 2000, includes a team of seasoned professionals with over 75 years of combined experience developing interactive e-learning products, coporate communications and software. Our primary focus is in developing state-of-the-art web-based training and information systems. We currently have two offices. One is located on Bainbridge Island, WA, a short ferry ride from Seattle, and the other in Billings, Montana.


Every customer is important to us and our development team brings field-proven practical experience to your projects. We are small but nimble, with an experienced tight-knit production team with the ability to rapidly expand to handle any size project requirement. We take pride on our track record for delivering projects that meet or exceed client expectations as well as being on-time and on-budget.


Our products and customer service speaks for itself with clients that include Coca-Cola Enterprises, The Society of American Florists, The Boeing Company, T-Mobile, The Coca-Cola Bottlers' Association, First Interstate Bank, The National Amtelco Equipment Owners, Capstone Wealth Management, AECOM, Golder Associates Inc., Kampgrounds of America, Intermountain Mortgage, American TeleServices International and the Washington Trucking Associations.

We look forward to serving you too.

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Phone: 1.206.780.9555

9141 NE Salmon Run Ln
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

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TrainNow.Net is located in Washington

Sales Representative Opportunity

Product Lines Needing Representation:

  • HYPERTrack LMS (Online Learning Management System)

Target Markets:

  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Medical
  • Banking
  • Legal
  • General Corporate Services

Target Contact:

  • HR Director
  • Director of Learning
  • Safety Director
  • VP of Training
  • CLO

Types of Companies:

  • 250 plus employees or users, clients, agents who are faced with a need for compliance, certifications, risk aversion or a need to accelerate their business to maintain their competitive edge.

Sales Opportunity:

  • Do you have an existing clients that need or could be seeking an e-learning platform or elearning solution?

Product Purchase Options:

  • Can be purchased outright (unlimited use license)
  • Can be Leased with purchase option (unlimited use license)
  • Subscription Model by Active User (monthly, quarterly, or annual unlimited use license)
  • Subscription Model by Course Start or document view (monthly)
  • Outright Purchase with Lease (unlimited use license)
Sales Representitive

Currently looking for Sales Reps

Why you should become a Channel Partner:

  • Looking for a sales opportunity with a new product line or to create an additional revenue stream to supplement your existing sales.
  • Have existing clients and prospects that may be seeking an e-learning solution today or in the near future.
  • Have been looking to expand your service offerings in conjunction with your existing products or services to solidify your position as a trusted advisor.
  • Have a background in sales as a Software or Hardware Manufacturers Rep, VAR, Internet Service Provider, Network Integrator, Ad Agency, Trade Association, PR firm, Content Management, CRM, Analytics, Marketing, VP of Sales, entrepreneur or a specific vertical expertise.
  • Are looking to bring more value to the clients that you serve by differentiating yourself from your competition and expanding your product or service offerings.

Our Software and Training products can position you with a greater value proposition to the clients that you serve. For more information and immediate consideration, please submit your sales inquiry to: